A Cupcake Love Story

Joe Turtle and Red Velvet explore the possibilities of cupcakes in love.

(Cupcakes from Cupcake Cafe, Sugar Land, TX shot with a Canon Rebel T2i)

Read the story below…

Joe Turtle was the loneliest cupcake in the world. What good is life as a cupcake when you’re one flavor against the world? Joe Turtle longed for a cupcake comrade.

Joe Turtle, the loneliest cupcake

One day he laid eyes on Red Velvet. The two cupcakes stared at each other from a distance, each admiring the other’s Clark Kent icing swirl.

Cupcakes gaze at each other from a distance

Red Velvet’s wrapper lay blowing open in the wind like a Marilyn Monroe dress. In the dimly lit room, soft music began to play as blossoming love plucked their heartstrings like an angel to a golden harp.

Red Velvet's Marilyn Monroe dress

They danced.

Cupcakes dance as milk watches

A heavenly, mouthwatering match had been made.

A mouthwatering cupcake match

With exuberant memories of their first dance a reality, they rested.

Cupcakes at rest

Their fate was sealed with the arrival of Mr. Fork, who had made arrangements with Mr. Mouth. The two lovers Joe Turtle and Red Velvet met their demise as they unwittingly fulfilled the delight of Mr. Mouth.

Cupcakes meet their demise at the hands of Mr. Fork and Mr. Mouth


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