Twitterize Your Wedding (AKA There are No Bouncers at the Social Media Party)

Seven years or so ago when Facebook and Friendster were hot on the scene, it was a friendly party anyone could join. Eventually, people started realizing the marketing power of social networks. Exclusive clubs started forming of who had the chops to own social media.

So today, you constantly hear people who feel left out. They’re not in the techie/marketing/whatever-you-call-it world and think  huge barriers like their age or industry make them not cool enough to join the club.

Kind-of related thoughts by Fayza

At a recent wedding reception, Twitter took center stage with bride and groom, enchanting the largely previously unTwitterfied audience. The best MCs ever, Josh and Sajan, threw up a Twitter feed on the big screens.

The lovely couple, Nobel and Jomy Macaden, had their own hashtag: #JoNoMac. Tweeters in the crowd feverishly typed  well-wishes on their phones.

Only thing was — it was a FAKE Twitter feed. Josh dummied up a cute looking feed with decked out tweets that looked like the real thing. It was all planned in advance. TheRealSHAQ, SarahPalin and JustinBieber got in the action with tweeted shout-outs to #JoNoMac. A few members of the crowd whose fake tweets showed up looked dumbfounded wondering, “When ever did I tweet that?”

Then behind the scenes it was discovered that the reception locale had wifi. The real live #JoNoMac tweets were thrown up at the reception’s close. Hilarity ensued. Fun was had by all.

And it wasn’t a bunch of marketers or geeks. It was real people, just having a good time.


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