Ain’t nothin’ like a crawfish weekend

It was mid-April. Everywhere I looked, blazing red crawfish clapped their claws and begged me to devour them.

And I did.


Sajan eats crawfish

Though a lifelong Texan, I’d never enjoyed a crawfish boil until a visit to the Texas Crawfish Festival in Spring this year. We didn’t just crawfish it up.

squirrel on a stick

Squirrel, raccoon and rattlesnake worked themselves into the dining equation. Word of advice. When offered raccoon, RUN. Go far away, and don’t look back. Squirrel and snake, on the other hand — give ’em a whirl. They come in fried, breaded sticks, and you can pretend they’re chicken.

fried oreo

No Texas festival is complete without a miniature heart attack in your hand — the fried oreo.

The Loose Caboose Serves Up Crawfish

Any other fans of crawfish out there?


One thought on “Ain’t nothin’ like a crawfish weekend

  1. I know this is old but Im just now reading this: We were there! We did a mini tasters tour of all the different boils. Oh and also we were at the Rodeo when it was freezing cold. Hope your home is fairing better after the unfortunate happened.

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