Why Twitter is Good for You

People are afraid of Twitter. Or indifferent. It’s another product, like those Ford trucks or Coca-Cola they try to sell me to convince me my life as it is isn’t good enough or could be a lot better, they may say.

When it first came out, I didn’t have friends using Twitter. So I didn’t sign up. What’s the point?

But I signed up in ’08 after my co-worker did.


Twitter is not for telling us what you ate for lunch. Twitter is for interacting and adding value with your tweets.

Bad example:

This is OK every now and then. But is NOT what Twitter is about. Who’s going to follow someone whose tweets all look like this?

Good examples:

Sharing insight. And you don’t have to be Bill Gates to do it.

Awesome! Maybe followers will want to ask her how it went or wait to hear her report before going themselves. Plus, it’s great publicity for the science museum.

One of my FAVORITE uses of Twitter

If you can’t make it to a conference or other event, follow tweets. It’ll be like you’re in the room with the crowd and speaker! You’ll know who’s there and what they’re talking about, what the latest trends and thoughts are.

Here’s a glimpse of what people are saying about Seth Godin’s remarks at a small biz conference.

And there’s SXSW in Austin – where everyone wants to be right now.

Other reasons to use Twitter:

Glean meaningful info for your career.

It’s good for your social life. Meet people like you. Meet people not like you.

It’s good for expanding your horizons. Try new food, places, movies, books, blogs or activities.

Know what people think. Watch and join conversations.

Connect with those who would normally be inaccessible.

Get conference info without paying the conference  price.

What are your thoughts? Do you use Twitter? Like or dislike? Does it add value to your life?

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