Fight Inertia: 5 More Tips for 2010

Continued from the first 5 tips for the new year.

6. Read about successful people.
Not just big names like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Check out the 40 Under 40 or similar award-winning individuals in your city. Read biographies of people at companies you like. Save and print the bios you’d like to emulate. Pick the qualities you want, the awards you want, the places you want to be. Go there.

7. Don’t let the haters hold you back.
Haters come with the package when you pursue success and push yourself. It’s actually a good sign. Brush the haters off and don’t worry. Don’t define yourself based on what the uninformed say.

8. Expect rejection and let it roll off your back.
In sales, they say every “no” you hear is a good sign. Because for every three nos, you’re likely to gain a yes. So embrace rejection. Figure out what you did wrong. Get better. Don’t forget what a capable person you are. Be intentional.
Don’t go with the flow. You’re wasting your life and missing out on your greatness if you don’t conjure up some intentions. The first time I really thought about this was after reading this post by Steve Rubel, Become an Expert with the Power of Deliberate Practice. An excerpt:

The basic idea isn’t rocket science. Basically, anyone with just even a little bit of natural talent in a given domain can master it in about 10 years by methodically practicing the essence of their craft two hours daily (including weekends) and measuring their progress from one day to the next.

This technique guarantees personal growth. Need more convincing? Read more here: How to Succeed at Anything.

10. Watch TED talks.
You’ll be a better critical thinker and know more about the world outside your box.

What are your thoughts? Where do you disagree? What would you add? What works for you?


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