The Burglars

Three weeks ago, Sajan came home to a burglarized house.

They ruffled through our drawers and cabinets.

They raked and pummeled through our sheet rock.

They took stuff.

That’s the bad news.

Good news: lessons learned. The fenced entryways to our backyard are now locked. Sturdy deadbolts secure our doors. We already had good, observant neighbors. Now we’re all taking things a bit further by talking more, asking about strange cars, noticing more.

You’ve got to feel a little violated when people break into your house and touch your hard-earned belongings.

But one thing I won’t let them do is cripple me with fear.

Our house is still a home.

P.S. Read this piece on how to survive if your computer equipment is stolen: My Digital World Nearly Destroyed.


One thought on “The Burglars

  1. That’s horrible news. very sorry this happened to you both. Houston’s bad people are spreading out to the good areas.

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