Is Your Networking Like Throwing Mud at a Fence?

fishoutofwaterOn Houston Greenlight Community, a discussion arose about rising above networking fears.

Joe shared his “fish out of water” experience, which I would venture to say most of us can relate to.

The NYT gives some tips for shy entrepreneurs. Here’s a snapshot.

1. Know your objective. Keith Ferrazzi says to “care” and to “help.” Walk in with the intention of doing something for others. “Networking is not about throwing mud at a fence,” he says.

In a recent teleseminar, Chris Brogan offered these thoughts: Focus on what you want to achieve rather than what you’re afraid of. Forget for a moment about how people think about you.

2. Don’t sell. Transactionalism is the nemesis of building authentic relationships! “Be patient and realize people do business with people they like and know,” says Sheryl Nicholson.

3. Network in person. Get over the hump. Force yourself to get out there. Ask relevant questions to break the ice with someone. Practice and premeditated moves make perfect.

In the end, do a little study of your networking. Pinpoint successes and room for improvement.

In anything you choose to do, when you accrue experience and be more intentional, you will learn what to expect, gain control and transform your fears into personal gains.

What’s your take on networking? Do you have horror stories? Success stories? Do you wish you did more networking? Do you network more online or face-to-face?


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