What does YOUR Houston look like?

Houston is a first class city with adventure waiting to be had at every corner. Art cars, parks, divine food, friendly folks, gardens, festivals and more.

You’ll enjoy this video, One Day in Houston.

Local celebrities share prized features of Houston, but I have to say these are the more well known sides of Houston we always hear about. What do you think is missing?

Depending on where and how you grew up, everyone’s Houston is different.

My Houston is:

The double cheeseburger at Sparkle's Hamburgers is too big for any human mouth.

The double cheeseburger at Sparkle's Hamburgers is too big for any human mouth.


After the Chronicle’s Alison Cook published “The Year in Burgers,” the talk of the town was where one could find the best burger joints.

I called upon a few friends and The Burger Committee commenced. Our mission? To unearth Houston’s hot burger hole-in-the-walls. Each held a piece of Houston culture. Oddly enough, we started a Biggest Loser contest shortly after.

Houston is full of hardworking nonprofits and tireless volunteers that improve our city every day. Hospitals, food banks, homeless shelters, arts organizations and more. Where do you volunteer in Houston?

Houston is full of families with international backgrounds. I grew up eating basmati rice and chicken curry. My parents grew native plants from Kerala, India in our Houston backyard and used them for dinner. I loved the old Sesame Street episodes that took you into a family’s home and showed their unique traditions. We made regular trips to Indian grocery stores in Stafford. We would pack the trunk with an ice chest and make day trips to Freeport and other coastal areas to buy fresh fish.

Houston’s semi-tropical weather allows gorgeous plants and vegetation year-round. Our jackets stay deep inside the back of the closet. We learn to accept mosquitoes and other bugs as a fact of life. Humidity keeps wrinkles out of our faces.

Artcrawl, Art Car Parade, Museum of Fine Arts, Contemporary Art Museum, Blaffer Gallery, Beer Can House, Fresh Arts Houston, art at every University of Houston building, municipal art like the Big Bubble … I could go on and on.


An evening stroll near the bayou.

An evening stroll near the bayou.

There is nothing like a stroll around the bayou behind Wortham Theatre downtown, no matter what time of day. I’ve always wanted to go on one of the canoe rides there. The Heritage Society is close by, where you can learn fascinating tidbits about Houston history.

I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate my education at the University of Houston. I stayed on campus at the Quads and Cougar Place. Faces like Noam Chomsky, Spike Lee, Ralph Nader, John Kerry, John Updike, Howard Zinn and other way-off-the-charts-interesting folks would make appearances. Top-notch professors, renowned programs and accomplished students surrounded me.

Every day, there is somewhere to go and something new to do in Houston. My husband and I took tango lessons with other members of a Spanish Language Meetup Group. A co-worker and I enjoyed colliding with techies and do-gooders at Netsquared Houston.

Areas I frequent are Montrose, the Galleria, the Heights, downtown and Sugar Land, but surely you other Houstonians can share fascinating parts of Houston I have yet to tread.
What does YOUR Houston look like?

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