Books & Burgers

I am the proud new owner of a Houston Public Library card from the McGovern-Stella Link Library. Now that I’m no longer enrolled at UH, I needed a new place to do research and get access to databases. The public library is the next best thing! What a peaceful, inviting place.

BEST LINK OF THE DAY: You will thank me for it. Go ahead. Click on it.

TODAY’S HAMBURGER: Sparkle’s Hamburger Spot. Sajan ordered the double cheeseburgers and brought them home for us. Each patty was an inch thick. I’m lucky to be alive after eating that artery burster. Two thumbs up.

LAST WEEK’S HAMBURGER: DJ’s Olde-Timey Hamburgers off of Kirby and Old Spanish Trail. This is my kind of burger, a new favorite. Best buns.


One thought on “Books & Burgers

  1. Hey, you never mentioned that you played it…or liked it. The play auditorium link was a pleasant surprise to see on your page. Sigh…

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