The Man (Chase) Sticks It to Wamu

so long, bank that treated customers like people

Dear WAMU,

Today, your walls were still bright green and blue, painted with words like “you” that talked to me. Your open, welcoming layout that wooed me to you remained.

But we all know things have changed. You are morphing into the cold, ugly, people-hating bank that others banks are, that Chase wants you to be. Your shirts, formerly a soothing green, are now an icy blue. The greeter and bankers no longer smile. They’re the same employees, but they know the man — Chase bank — is sticking it to them.

Morale is down. The rules are changing, and no one knows to what. The open, friendly atmosphere will be wiped away and turn to impersonal, side-by-side, straight lines. Chase does not like Wamu’s open style and pretty, green shirts, an employee said. The WamuKids playspace will probably go to hell, too.

Wamu, we will miss you. Chase, we will not let your oppression destroy our spirits. We will stick it back to you, one day.

With sadness,



One thought on “The Man (Chase) Sticks It to Wamu

  1. I went to Chase on Saturday. I asked the teller when my WAMU account would change to a Chase account. His response was “Second or Third Quater of this year.”

    What the heck? Give me a month man! I gonna miss WAMU.

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