Nostalgia: Dinosaurs, Drill Bits and Scrolls at HMNS

Bones, bugs and wildlife surrounded me this evening at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. And I was flooded by childhood memories. The exhibits look exactly as they did when I first experienced them as an elementary school student. Wow! I know much has been updated since then, but the dinosaurs and bugs sure did take me back.

We jumped in the Geovator, for old times’ sake. Well, old times’ sake for me and new times’ sake for Sajan, Liz and Jimmy. In the Geovator, you put yourself in the shoes of a drill bit.

Going Down

Some low-budget filming for your viewing pleasure:

Chicago native Jimmy gave HMNS two thumbs up.

Why were we there? Sajan‘s company, Vinson & Elkins, had a special event at the museum for employees to view the new Birth of Christianity exhibit. Seeing a historical context is pretty amazing. Old scroll remnants, ossuaries and other excavated finds.

Check it out: Birth of Christianity


3 thoughts on “Nostalgia: Dinosaurs, Drill Bits and Scrolls at HMNS

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting about The Birth of Christianity exhibit. My husband, Mike Harrington, is a lawyer with V&E. We were there last night with our daughter. I’m glad you enjoyed the exhibit!

  2. The ancient manuscripts were one of the coolest things I’ve EVER seen! And, all of a sudden I have a new found love for Exxon Mobile, Marathon, and BP…drill baby drill!

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