Do You Accept Your Fate or Pursue Your Destiny?

If you come from the dirt, a heritage regarded as the lowest of the low, do you just accept your fate and live life as society expects or mandates?

Modern-day slaves do. They don’t escape their captors. They simply accept the cards dealt to them. It’s too difficult to leave. You can’t trust the police, who purchase slaves themselves. You’ve unwittingly shamed your family. Your owners — they’ve got you addicted to meth and bound to a life of self-destruction. That’s what I gathered from the film/rockumentary Call and Response.

In Slumdog Millionaire — the hit film directed by Danny Boyle and entirely filmed in India — supporting character Lathika is born in the slums, orphaned and enslaved. Her soulmate, protagonist Jamal, repeatedly searches for her, declares his love and believes it is their destiny to be together. She’s trapped in the home of a gangster, thanks in part to Jamal’s money-hungry, power-thirsty brother, Salim. Lathika fears violence and death if she sneaks off to be with Jamal. So she tells him to leave for good, believing it is impossible for her to be with him, despite their undying love.

You’ll have to watch the movie to learn the rest. No spoilers here.

Themes:  Money, power & machismo; penitence/desire for forgiveness; acceptance of fate vs. pursuit of destiny; violence – religous, sexual, gang; abandoment, loneliness, survival, every man for himself; loss of innocence.


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