Christmas Ain’t So Bad

If you look past the pitfalls of the holidays, you’ll find they are laden with value. My other personality has come out of the closet and can appreciate a few important lessons the season brings.

Lessons of giving. The holidays allow many of us to step outside our me-centered routine and do good for others.

Lessons of gratitude. Christmas is a time to be blessed and be thankful. What a feeling to experience the sincerity of those who go out of their way to make you happy, even when you feel undeserving. 

Lessons of forgiveness. Many loved ones take this time to reunite and move on from their prickly past.

Lessons of growing relationships. You may find yourself arranging ornaments on the tree with loved ones, swapping stories at the office holiday party or preparing food for family. The desire to make someone else happy through your words, your food or your love is a gift.

What lessons and bright moments do you encounter through the holidays? Does the cheese factor of this post make you want to hurl?


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