10 Reasons I Can Barely Stand Christmas

Bah, humbug! Call me the Christmas grinch. The holidays are around the corner, but you won’t see me kicking my heels in gaiety.


There's one in every family, right?

I do enjoy the family-centered, loving, giving nature of the season. And the traditions family and friends build together. But it seems so hyped up and watered down these days. Christmas seems like just another buzzword to throw around so stores can sell things and people can put up half-lit deer on their lawn, the ones that fall down at the slightest breeze.

Here are 10 reasons Christmas is not my favorite holiday.

1. Christmas music on the radio. Time to switch to CDs.

2. Tacky lights and decorations. 

3. Christmas music in stores.

4. Hype and fabricated joy.

5. Ultra-consumerism.

6. Worst time to shop if you don’t want to get stuck in crowds.


7. Money wasted on gifts people don’t want and won’t use or will get tired of after a week.

8. It overshadows Thanksgiving, the best holiday of the year next to Valentine’s Day.

9. Candy canes. It’s hard to eat around those hooks. And totally not worth it, considering the unsatisfying flavors of most candy canes.

10. Fruitcake.

Tacky lights are a Christmas staple


In the spirit of bah-humbugging, here’s a link and another one to holiday traditions we hate.

Happy holidays to all!

What do you like most and least about the season?


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