Houston’s East End: What You Need to Know

It’s a freakin’ cool place.

Sajan, Jimmy and I checked out the grand opening and ribbon cutting of Houston Institute for Culture’s art gallery opening at 708 Telephone Road in Tlaquepaque Plaza. The day was Oct. 31, so a Day of the Dead altar was laid out with flowers, skulls and memories.

Poblano Pride

Poblano Pride


The artist of the day, I wish I could remember his name. He’s from Puebla, Mexico.

Poblano Pride

Somehow I got to help cut the ribbon


New find: Bohemeo’s. A coffee shop with Jazz on Thursday nights. Beautiful, serene outdoor area with a view of downtown Houston. Good spot to rent out for a party. Known as the East End’s first music and art coffee house.


One thought on “Houston’s East End: What You Need to Know

  1. BOHEMEO’s!!! you know how many times i tried to get ppl to go to that place to check it out before I left?

    Never got the chance 😦

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