Google Killed the Recipe Box

Thanks to Google, I seldom make the same recipe twice these days.

When I was growing up, three or four recipe books lay in a designated kitchen drawer. My mom kept a green box on the refrigerator, the receptacle of index cards with handwritten recipes for sour cream coffee cake, sugar cookies and the like. Most cards were taped with recipes from the newspaper or circulars. Mom and her co-workers would exchange recipes.

Without fail, you’ll a find a blotch here or there on every card. Spatters from ingredients being mixed and mashed and creamed together.

Occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas called for pulling out cards for peach cobbler or sweet potato casserole.

Today, I pop open my laptop on the kitchen table and search for “pancakes,” “chicken cacciatore” or whatever else is being craved. Sometimes I’ll quickly scribble the Internet recipe on a scrap of paper, making no effort to hold on to the paper for later, since Google will whip up a new recipe the next time it’s needed. The New York Times’ recipe for chocolate chip cookies caught my eye a few months ago. But it’s not held by a magnet to the fridge, since it’s in good hands on the Internet.

Pancakes with brown sugar, strawberry jam, honey and walnuts, care of Google. They sure don't look appetizing, but the hubby gives 'em two thumbs up.

This morning I told my mom they should have laptops built in to kitchen counters, so you don’t have to grab for the recipe box. So you can quickly find substitutes for sugar and vegetable oil or equivalents for tablespoons and quarts and things.

Will the recipe box soon be a relic of the past? Grandma’s faded paper recipes will be scanned into bitmapped eternity.

How do you or your family keep track of recipes? Do you rely on Google, the recipe box or something else?


One thought on “Google Killed the Recipe Box

  1. I was watching the Kitchen and Bath Expo on HGTV last night. I don’t think its a far fetched idea that you speak of. I know I print recipes or jot em down and forget about it. Who wants to keep up with a box? Too much trouble! Check out the site below and see all the new amazing technology being cooked up!

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