Ike, Yikes! Take a Hike and Other Rhymes

Yesterday my keyboard at work was drenched by tears. And sloppy handprints grace my monitor. Because I cried. I cried and I tightly embraced my computer, giver of Internet. Internet I dearly missed and longed for in the wake of Hurricane Ike.

Now my blood can flow through my veins and my lungs can unabashedly take in the air on God’s green earth. Me and Internet are together again.

Our house is powerless, waterless.

We don’t sleep there, but the neighbors are sticking it out. Fences are down. Sajan straightened our almost horizontal tree back to vertical today. Today our kitchen floor was kissed by the ooze of melting ice from the freezer we neglected to empty because we thought the ice might stay frozen because we weren’t opening the freezer and thought it might stay cool. Sajan mopped it up. He also went to my cousin’s house to fill a cooler with water to give to the neighbors so they could flush their toilet with that water instead of the bottled water they’ve been using.

I love me a good burger. On Sunday, we ate some from Tornado Burger at Avenue E and Murphy in Stafford. Some of the best hamburgers on earth, I must say. I’d been wanting to try this little hole in the wall place ever since reading Alison Cook’s review in the Chronicle. Before eating our burgers, we saw a national guard c-130 plane fly over Stafford with two helicopters behind it.

On TV that day, I heard the word “efforting” used as a verb on two different occasions. Ugh!!


One thought on “Ike, Yikes! Take a Hike and Other Rhymes

  1. WOO HOO!
    Sheena, your blogs tickle my insides.

    Everything was okay I guess, just the usual tree damage that affected the rest of Houstonia.
    I’m not so sure how Beaumont is yet, I’ll be going back this week, school starts on Thursday.

    Hope all is well in P-land.
    keep it reals,

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