Your True Love is a Keystroke Away

My seventh grade science teacher Ms. Couser found her true love in a personal ad.

Back then, putting out a personal ad seemed kind of not cool. I mean, advertising yourself in the newspaper? Ms. Couser said she was so busy, she didn’t have time to find love on her own.

Today, I don’t know how popular newspaper personal ads are, but online dating is all the rage. And I don’t think it’s all that bad either.

No, we didn't meet online. But you can!


A good number of my friends and acquaintances have explored online dating and even found the match of their dreams.

My friends on say it works like this: You create your profile. The site suggests matches. You can see who is checking you out, and they can see if you check them out. One of you has to be a paying member for either of you to start communicating. Once someone pays, you get each other’s contact info and can message each other, e-mail or talk on the phone. If you decide to move forward, great. If not, you move on. It could take weeks or it could take months for you to realize you’ve found the one. Or you may decide online dating’s not your thing.

I don’t know if I would have done it in my single days, but I would recommend online dating to my single friends now. It’s a good way to start a conversation, and there’s no pressure to continue if you’re not interested. There is the issue of feeling a bit vulnerable at times during the process. But that’s unavoidable no matter how you choose to pursue a relationship.

Do you have online dating success stories? Horror stories? What’s the best way to find that special someone?


2 thoughts on “Your True Love is a Keystroke Away

  1. Problem with online matrimony sites is that.. there aren’t many suitable matches on there and most profiles don’t have pictures and it’s boring. People post old pictures of themselves and some do lie.

    my 2 cents.

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