Three Months at the New Digs

Sajan and I have lived at our new house for three months. What have we accomplished?

Furniturewise, we’ve acquired living room couches, cocktail ottoman, TV stand, TV, master bedroom set, kitchen table and buffet. Our other bedrooms remain empty, save for an airbed in one of them and random sheets and comforters in another for overnight guests.

The walls are plain and colorless. No paint. Not too many framed pictures. There are two large framed photos of Sajan and me, the two cheesy/cute (depending on who you are) couple photos that were on display at our wedding. Two pieces of cool wall art from Pier 1 Imports also adorn our walls. These were acquired when the Galleria Pier 1 was closing down.

Next step: Blow up poster-size photos for the living room wall across from the fireplace. We bought six big frames from Ikea earlier this summer and have snapped many cool homemade photos we must choose from. I’m also considering hanging curtains over the living room windows. Then we need to do something with the fireplace mantle, which is haphazardly strewn with a few Bibles, our wedding guestbook and a photo frame with the original fake people photos still in it.

What are you supposed to do with a wedding guestbook anyway? I figure we could use the empty pages in the back for overnight guests to sign.

I subscribed to e-mails from Better Homes and Gardens and, which share exceptional tips about home decor. But I’m often too lazy to click on all the links and slideshows sharing great design.

Another thing about decorating is that it costs money. Sometimes I’d rather eat out or spend money on my computer than dish out on decor. Polishing up the new house must be done in stages to make it affordable.

But anyways, the best thing about the house is having BBQs with friends and spinning on the merry-go-round out front. You can’t beat that. Or the therapy of nurturing plants and manicuring the lawn.


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