PC vs. Mac

This post is inspired by Dwight Silverman’s article in the Chronicle today about the cost of Macs vs. PCs. My first laptop was an Averatec, back in March 2005. Three years later, it’s running strong, though a little fatigued. It’s crashed on me once, but all was recovered. 

80 GB hard drive
512 MB memory
1.66 Ghz
12.1-inch screen
4.3 lbs.
Price: $750 after $200 rebate.
I was able to run Adobe CS2 on here without a problem. It was a little slow, but this laptop was all I had, so I barely noticed and didn’t consider it a problem.

The other day, I giddily brought home a MacBook. Turns on and off much faster than the Averatec, to say the least. It doesn’t burn my lap or make a lot of “overworking” noise like the Averatec. Of course, the features are user friendly and more efficient than what I was used to working with. I’m predicting the Mac will be able to handle my graphics and Web projects in half the time it took on the old laptop.

160 GB hard drive
2 GB memory
2.4 Ghz
13-inch screen
5 lbs. 
Price: $1199 after $100 student discount. Came with free iPod Touch and printer.

Now there’s nothing wrong with owning and using a PC. Mine did everything I needed it to and was affordable. But once you go Apple, can you go back?

What’s your take on the value of Macs vs. PCs?


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