Mom’s Curry and a Visit from Dudley.

Our good friend Dudley came over Thursday, concocting hilarity and things with Sajan, getting ready to emcee Ancy and Subin’s wedding. We ate dinner made jointly by my mom and me. She showed me how to use the rice cooker. It’s funny how sometimes you want to do things the hard way because that’s all you know and are comfortable with. I was perfectly happy boiling the rice on the stove, but it’s clear now the rice cooker is way easier. What did we eat with the rice? See below.

Mom’s Spicy Ground Meat Curry Deliciousness

1 lb. ground meat
Diced ginger
Thinly sliced onion
1 diced potato 
Some frozen mixed vegetables 
Curry powder
Chili powder 
1 small can tomato sauce (optional)

Saute the onion and ginger. Cook the meat. Add mixed vegetables. Add the potato. Add the curry powder and chili powder. Add a can of tomato sauce if it gets too spicy or if you want a touch of sweetness. Enjoy your deliciousness.


Mmm dinner

Mmm dinner


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