Pearland is the Place to Be.

Today, I drove to the Galleria to buy clothes.

After today, I will no longer have to drive out to Rice Village, Baybrook Mall, First Colony Mall or the Galleria for clothes and fun. They are now in my own backyard.

Welcome, Pearland Town Center! All the girly clothes stores a girl could ask for. Good eats, too. Somewhere to hang out with friends.

We went today for the grand opening and had dinner at BJ’s. (Don’t get the pot roast, but the pizza and sandwiches are good!) You could tell most of the waiters were new and this was their test run. They have today and tomorrow to get it perfect for the weekend crowds.

I moved to Pearland back in 2003 with my parents, and we’ve been waiting for this day. Now all we need is for the roads to be widened! 518, 2234, Cullen, etc. For some reason, no one got the memo that opening a multitude of stores would require roads that can handle the traffic. If someone knows why these roads are only one or two lanes wide, please tell me.

Read the Chron coverage of Pearland Town Center’s first day.

The Chron’s Pearland blog is always full of complaints of longtime residents who miss the quiet, small-town feel and hate the “traffic,” “pollution” and “rudeness” of new Pearland.

Ha. I just read that blog and noticed our intros sound alike.

My friends say the new town center reminds them of Sugar Land’s.


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