They Got Me.

Today is a glorious day.

The white box. I opened it. The magnificent white vessel, I unearthed.



MacBook = New Best Friend


The PC had been all I’d known since fourth grade, right after I let the typewriter go. Goodbye, PC. Five minutes after the box’s grand opening, my wireless Internet and MacBook were good to go. And here I am now. Talk about user friendly.

The keyboard feels so good against my fingers. Smooth. I don’t have to stare at an hourglass and wait for photos or windows to load whenever I open something up on here. Everything’s instant. This is a whole new world. 

Even when I pressed the “on” button, I was treated to a video extravaganza, with wild colors, telling me “welcome” in a plethora of languages. Then I realized they were watching me. I saw a real-time video of myself. The little square at the top of the screen is a camera. It took a screen shot of me as my profile photo.

What’s the opposite of intimidating?

That’s what my new friend here is.


6 thoughts on “They Got Me.

  1. Welcome to the mac club, Sheenabug! I have an iMac that I love ever so dearly, and know that you will be oh-so-pleased with your purchase.

    Also, your couch looks like mine. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! While your Macbook could wipe the floor with my iBook, I still warmly welcome you to this cult beloved collection of fans.

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