A Dream Wedding Without the Debt

“The [wedding] industry is kind of designed to confuse you and make you spend more money,” banquet hall operator Brad Schreiber told the Houston Chronicle.

So true!

Will your guests’ experience be enhanced by a $100 centerpiece over a $10 one? Will they notice the fine details? Some will. Others will enjoy themselves to the fullest as long as the food as good.

The advice Sajan and I got during our wedding planning was to negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Not necessarily to get the cheapest price, but to get the most value out of what you’re paying for. Rather than picking and choosing from packages offered to you, work with your vendor to create a custom package with an adjusted price. Our photos were slightly less expensive because we made the package fit our needs.

One newlywed in the Chron article said, “If you spend less money, it’s less stress. When you’re in the mind-set already and you’re counting gas and everything, you just realize how everything adds up. You kind of realize well, if we don’t have 100 bouquets of flowers it will be fine. It just puts it in perspective.”

The more money left over for the mortgage, the better.


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