Diabetes is Not the Common Cold

Diabetes is not taken seriously enough, doctors are saying.

According to this New York Times blog post, diabetes is the leading cause of
• Blindness;
• Amputations; and
• Kidney failure

It is associated with
• Heart attacks;
• Stroke;
• Depression;
• Sleep problems;
• Liver disease; and
• kidney disease.

Type 1 diabetes occurs more in children, while Type 2 diabetes tends to occur later in life and is caused by obesity and lack of exercise. The post cites CDC findings that 8 percent of the United States population has diabetes, and one out of four individuals aged 65-plus live with the disease.

My maternal grandmother had diabetes and ultimately passed away shortly after a stroke in her 80s. Aunts and uncles on both sides of my family currently have diabetes. Sajan’s parents do as well. My dad was diagnosed with diabetes in his early 40s. He lost the feeling in the tips of his fingers around 10 years later due to diabetic neuropathy and had to stop working.

Diabetes is so prevalent in my family and other individuals close to us, sometimes it seems like the common cold. But it’s not. Should the younger generation be more vigilant about our health, so the disease isn’t passed down?


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