The TV Mount

Sajan stayed up till 1:40 last night drilling small holes and rather large holes into our living room wall. Jimmy sustained injuries, with profuse bleeding from the toe after a heavy bracket fell. The amalgam of wires running from the TV, when held all together in the hand, has a diameter of around six inches, I kid you not.

Victory was declared this morning when we saw that the TV had not fallen from the wall. Sigh of relief.

The quesadillas I made yesterday earned the name Country Quesadillas because they smelled like Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage, not Mexican food. The rosemary and thyme surely had something to do with that. Adding plenty of Cholula gave it a more spicy Mexican feel. And the sugarless cookies I made the other day, they probably taste better with some banana or honey. The next time I make something sugarless, I’m making something with crushed pineapple. It’s guaranteed to be super sweet but still sugarless then.


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