Entertaining on the Fly

Throughout the week, Sajan and I usually update each other on our plans for each day. Today we did a quick guest appearance for a VBS right after work. Sajan went to Stafford to visit his parents and pick up some shoes. I headed to the grocery store for five bucks worth of items before driving straight home. I marinated some chicken with thyme, rosemary, paprika, salt, pepper and soy sauce for quesadillas later this week.

On my way home, Jimmy and Liz announced they were coming over. They brought BW3 wings…mmm! Sweet BBQ, Asian Zinger and Spicy Garlic. Sajan arrived back home soon after, excited that the TV mount he had anxiously awaited had finally arrived in a box at our front door.

We ate wings. We laughed. We made “That’s what she said” jokes. The new Coldplay CD whirred. Then the doorbell rang. My mother had made a surprise visit. Or surprise inspection, should I say? In typical mother fashion she noted our messy living room and any out-of-place items strewn around. She watched us eat wings. It was nice to see my mom. She got to see our freshly planted flowers in the front yard. She left.

The boys played with the new TV mount, looking for studs in the wall with the stud finder and making jokes about whether I found Sajan with the stud finder. The boys cooed over the good prices from monoprice.com. I whipped together some chocolate cheesecake brownies for work. Liz surfed the Web, googling anything we happened to be talking about. How to find studs. How to heal first-degree burns (like the one I got touching a hot pan). When is Jesus coming.

We tasted the warm brownies with cookies n’ cream ice cream. Liz and Jimmy left. Sajan wishes he could take tomorrow off, so he can play with the TV mount some more and get it on the wall.


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