How to Plan a Wedding in Houston Pt. 1

Are you getting married? Don’t know a thing about the planning process, how much things should cost or the best vendors to go with? With time and research, you can get a better handle on how to proceed. Below are seven tips of the day.

1. After you get engaged, the very first thing you should do is register with Any bride will tell you it’s the one-stop shop with tons of useful advice and resources.

2. Before all the fun stuff like gown or flower shopping, you MUST search around for your wedding venue and reception hall. Everything else will come into play once these two locations are booked. This also means you must have an idea of your guest count. So make your guest list immediately. Then start cutting it down if necessary. You will drive many miles to visit halls. It’s worth it to find the right one. Your guests will love you if the wedding ceremony and reception locations are close to each other. But such is not as easy as it sounds.

3. Go to Barnes & Noble and flip through bridal mags for ideas.

4. Schedule consultations with vendors and get lots of free advice!

5. Go to the Bridal Extravaganza at George R. Brown Convention Center. It’s huge and has great vendors. I found my photographer Nat Nelson there. Skip the smaller bridal shows. You’ll waste your time and money on tickets and parking.

6. Start a blog on your account at to document your exciting months of planning and share with your friends. Get your fiancé involved in writing posts.

7. Keep a spreadsheet to compare prices of vendors and products you find. Make notes daily about potential ideas.


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