How to Change Your Name Pt. 3

The final missing piece came in the mail today. My driver’s license with my new name, address and photo. The photo gets a thumbs down. I miss the old photo I took when I was 18.

On Saturday, we went to the bank to get a joint account. Woohoo. And as of a day or two ago, I am officially Sheena T Abraham at work. Still have to change my work voicemail, though. My Gap credit card was denied last weekend because it had my old name, and my license has my new name. Now I make sure to carry both the old and new license, just in case.

To anyone looking to change her name after marrying, the key components to show at the DPS and the Social Security office are your marriage license and old driver’s license. Bring cash or a check, since they may not take credit cards. And be prepared to wait in line.

Now I wonder how people are making money off those name-changing kits. The process isn’t that hard once you get rolling.

Important Update:

Jimmy: hey…reading ur blog

its illegal to carry 2 licenses
me: the old one is cut up
does that make it OK?
Jimmy: yeah…

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