The Grass is Greener

Some people like to take care of grass as if it’s their first-born child. After all, it’s great to drive down the street and see your lawn stand out as lush, clean and pristine. Our neighbor is great about watering, edging and mowing his lawn, and my husband is envious and following suit.

Since our grass is new, the hubby is good about watering it a few times a week. We can’t keep the sprinkler on for too long, or the water floods the sidewalk and rolls along the street down the curb four houses!

We purchased a yellow Cub Cadet lawn mower and got a hand-me-down weed eater and edger from Sajan’s parents. The grass on the curb was crawling extensively in little vines onto the street until we got a 100-foot extension cord for the weed eater.

Good decision: Buying a self-propelled mower. Worth the extra cost! Less effort to maneuver that thing.

Next step: Plot out the garden. So far, I bought pots from Garden Ridge Pottery at amazing prices. Now to figure out where the backyard garden should be dug and what kind of look the front yard garden should have. My parents and in-laws are armed with plenty of plant cuttings from bananas to tomatoes to guavas to kariapala and more. The front garden currently is full of bushes, which I am averse to keeping, but I don’t know what to do with them if I dig them up. So, I plan to keep them trimmed and small.


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