No Time to Cook and Other Lies.

Cooking is something I enjoy but not something I’ve had to do on a regular basis. Until now. This week we’ve had fajitas and fettucine. 

How do moms never run out of great things to make? I’m racking my brain to figure out new recipes. Pasta, chicken thighs and stir fry are my standard ingredients. Marsha got me this Betty Crocker cooking book, which will be a good muse.

This Bitten blog may be another source for recipes that keep things interesting. The author says fewer and fewer people are cooking these days. Either they don’t have time, or they didn’t grow up in families that cook. Now there are so many convenient quick fixes for meals.

Will something precious be lost with fewer home-cooked meals in families? Do quick fixes make meals less nutritious?

There’s something to be said about the unique flavor in a home-cooked meal and that one irreplaceable ingredient: Love.


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