Five Things We’ve Learned About Marriage

1. Say goodbye to your old routine. We don’t make plans without consulting each other first.

2. You’re more considerate. You always have to think about the other person, whether you’re grabbing an extra water bottle or putting their clothes in the dryer. Here’s Sajan’s example…He can’t just watch TV whenever he wants anymore because sometimes his wife wants to talk. (:

3. Waking up is easier. We make sure we’re both up on time in the morning, and we leave for work at the same time.

4. Your eating habits change. We bring sandwiches and fruit to lunch almost every day. He’s learning what I like to eat, and vice versa. I used to eat frozen food regularly, but not so much anymore, since Sajan’s not a big frozen food guy. They say wives tend to gain weight because they try to keep up with their husband’s appetites, so I’m trying to be careful.

5. People treat you differently. Your friends are less likely to call you to hang out, since they don’t want to intrude on your potential marriage obligations. But I’d say we still get ample hang-out time with them, just not as much one-on-one.


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