My Calorie Counter is Ticking Away

I’m (roughly) counting calories these days. Worst-case scenario (meaning if I’m very sedentary), my daily calorie limit, according an online calorie calculator, is a measly 1,500 calories. A fast-food combo would blow that out of the water. I try to keep my number below 1,800.

Use the Mayo Clinic’s calorie calculator to zero in on your calorie needs. Enter your age, height, weight and sex, and the calculator will magically do the rest.

Anyways, here’s a snapshot of my eating routine (very fascinating!…or not):

Cereal (Great Grains, Special K or Smart Start) with 2% milk: 350
Special K bar: 90
Water: 0
Sandwich (meat, provolone cheese, spinach, a dab of mayo): 300
Strawberries and half an apple: I count fruits as 0 calories 🙂
Cookies or some chocolate (sparingly, as in not every day hopefully): 70 to 150
Handfuls of trail mix: 140
Dinner (could be anything): 500+

This list does not account for meals like the three pieces of fried chicken, potato salad and ice cream I had the other day. I try to forget those!


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