One Foot out the Door at Work?

We all know someone — or have been that someone — who lived in daily fear of losing her job or felt monumentally undervalued at work. What if your company did something to show you’re more than just a cog in a wheel?

The CEO at my workplace decided he wants our company to be “the best place you’ve ever worked.” So a campaign has begun to communicate to employees that they are the gas in the engine, the ones making things happen and doing a good job of it. The company also surveyed employees to figure out how and where it needs to improve. One goal is to reduce turnover and keep employees for the long haul.Red Tape

Today, directors walked around passing out a flier that read “Stick with us!” A pack of gum was affixed to the flier. Clever, huh? It’s nice to be wanted by your employer.

Replacing a lost employee can cost a company as many as three times the employee’s salary.

Do you feel valued at your workplace? Or are you standing with one foot already out the door?


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