Snack Attacks on the Job

Glug. Gurgle. GRUMBLE.

A series of silent, uncomfortable tremors in your stomach spiral into wailing growls heard as far as three cubicles over. When your stomach speaks louder than you, talk about embarrassment! Something must be done.

I’m a gung-ho breakfast eater. But every morning between the hours of 10 and noon, my stomach signals it’s feeding time again. The vending machine was once my point of rescue, with its Cheetos and chocolate bars. But, alas, I knew the nutritionless calories were doing more harm than good.

So now, I munch on Chocolate Cranberry Crunch Trail Mix from Target’s Archer Farms brand. My officemate and I still from time to time munch on stale Girl Scout cookies from February. Yum.

What’s your cure for snack attacks?


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